Job purpose

The Head of Legal and Corporate Services role is responsible for overseeing the legal function through supporting and advising management on issues relating to applicable laws and regulations. The Corporate Services function will primarily be responsible for the provision of Corporate Secretariat, supporting the Group Board and its Group Board Committees. The role will work with the Group Board and Group Chief Executive Officer in fulfilment of its responsibilities.

Job duties and responsibilities

Corporate Services

  • Provision of Corporate secretarial functions
  • Responsible for the preparation and for Group Board meetings and Group Board Committees meetings, general meetings, distribution of Group Board packs and drafting meeting minutes.
  • Drafting of agendas for the Group Board Committees, Group Board of Directors and general meetings.
  • Develop a proactive relationship with the Group Board members, facilitate the acquisition of information to Group Board members and provide advice on all matters of procedure to Group Board members.
  • Assist the Group Board Chair in planning the work of the Group Board and managing the Group Board’s procedures and general meetings procedures.
  • Facilitate communication between the Company and its shareholders, as well as between the Company’s shareholders and the Group Board Chair.
  • Assist the Board and the Management in organising the Company’s General Shareholders’ Meetings including in the preparation and timely distribution of meeting materials.
  • Facilitate the Group Board induction procedure for newly elected Group Board members, including assessing any specific individual training needs.
  • Collect written opinions submitted by Group Board members regarding the items under consideration at the Group Board meeting and inform the Group Board of such written opinions.
  • Facilitate the communication between the Group Board and the Company’s management, including the provision of timely and exhaustive information to Board members.
  • Ensure that Group Board resolutions are communicated to the Company’s management on a timely basis and monitor the implementation of the Group Board’s resolutions.
  • Support the Group Board in its oversight of timely disclosure of information by the Company in compliance with applicable laws and Company’s internal regulations.
  • Support the Group Board and the Audit Committee in their oversight of the Company’s compliance with the rules and procedures of corporate governance established by applicable laws and the Company’s internal regulations.
  • Perform other functions stipulated by the laws of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the Terms of Reference of the Committees and the Group Board Charter and the Company’s internal policies and regulations.
  • Ensuring the company’s governance framework is appropriately developed, established, and maintained.
  • Overseeing legal entity management, legal entity governance management, ensuring all board members adhere to the regulatory and statutory requirements, the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and other constitutional documents.
  • Developing and improving the company’s governance program to ensure that its management programs keep up with market changes.
  • Assist the Board in the development and continuous improvement of the Company’s corporate governance system and practices.
  • Monitor the relevant legislative and regulatory developments that might affect the Company’s corporate governance structures and practices. Ensure that the Board and Committees are fully briefed on relevant developments and that they have regard to them when taking decisions.
  • Liaise with the Company’s Registrar and ensure that services are provided on time.

  1. Legal Services

  • Oversees the activities of the Company’s legal department.
  • Provides legal advice, interpretation, and guidance to Executive management and officers regarding contracts, regulatory requirements and a variety of legal issues.
  • Communicate and negotiate with external parties (regulators, external lawyers, public authority etc.)
  • Reviewing legal documents such as agreement, contracts, internal legal documents etc.
  • Ensuring that the Risk and Compliance department follows applicable regulations.
  • Conducting legal research as may be deemed necessary.
  • Draft and solidify agreements, contracts and other legal documents to ensure the company’s full legal rights.
  • Provide clarification on legal language or specifications to everyone in the Company.
  • Advise Executive Management of any changes in laws and new enactments.
  • Provide legal support and advice to Executive management on relevant legal issues.
  • Ensure compliance with the internal controls, statutory regulations and other formalities.
  • Keeping up with current changes on all relevant areas of laws and contributing to the enhancement of the knowledge base of the company’s legal function.
  • Provide legal counsel and guidance to Executive Management for a variety of legal matters.
  • Ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to the business.
  • Promoting legal, compliance and risk management best practice throughout the Company.
  • Designing and delivering legal training to the business.
  • Staying up to date with changes to legislation, particularly in relation to laws, rules and regulations that directly affect the business and specific industry.

Candidate Profile

Qualifications and Experience

  • A bachelor’s degree in Law.
  • A Chartered Governance Professional/Chartered Secretary at Fellowship Level.
  • Barrister and Solicitor- Minimum Five (5) years of experience.


  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of corporate law and procedures, applicable relevant regulatory guidance and best practices in corporate governance.
  • Independence and the ability to defend a personal opinion.
  • High degree of professional ethics and integrity.
  • Sound judgement and ability to analyse situations and information.
  • Outstanding communication skills.

Application Procedure

Interested Candidates for this role shall be required to send an Application letter and a CV to vacancies@waicare.com.

Closing date for application: 22 May 2024