WAICA Re Annual CSR Competition 2022

The theme of this year’s competition is “Practical Solutions to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Related Risks in West Africa”. There are many ESG issues affecting the West African sub-region. It is the responsibility of everyone to contribute to the development, advancement and change required to make the sub-region a better living place. WAICA Re’s role is to set the train in motion so that individuals within the West African sub-region can put on their thinking caps and find practical solutions to these issues.

The list of ESG related issues includes climate change, carbon emission, air pollution, water pollution, biodiversity, deforestation, energy efficiency, waste management, water scarcity, customer satisfaction, data protection and privacy, gender and diversity, employee engagement, community relationship, human rights, labour standards, board composition, bribery and corruptions, etc. We are looking for participants who love their country/state and are ready to join in making the world a safer place.

We look forward to your overwhelming participation.


Participant’s pre-registration is required:

Download the competition brochure below.

WAICA Reinsurance Annual CSR Competition Project 2022 (Brochure) Download