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Reinsurance is a risk of transfer mechanism whereby an insurer, called the ceding company, transfers either part or whole risk which he has accepted to a reinsurer.

The two reinsurance businesses we do are:

  • Treaty Reinsurance and;
  • Facultative Reinsurance


Treaty method of reinsurance means there is an agreement between the Reinsurer and direct company sometimes called ceding company or reinsured undertakes or agrees to cede and the reinsurer agrees to accept all insurances offered within the limit of the treaty.

The treaty arrangement can take any of the following forms:

  • Quota Share
  • Surplus
  • Excess of Loss


Facultative is the oldest form of reinsurance. It depends on the ceding company's willingness to give and the reinsurer has the right either to accept or reject the risk. The ceding company has to disclose all the material facts known to him to the reinsurer.

Classes of Insurance

WAICA Re transacts both Life and non-Life Reinsurance businesses.

The Insurance classes we deal with in our non-life reinsurance transactions are as follows:

WAICA RE Services

WAICA RE actively engages in training of our cedants in Reinsurance and the provision of technical support.

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WAICA RE Products

WAICA Re offers Life and Non-Life Treaty and Facultative reinsurance to its clients across the core classes of insurance

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WAICA RE Contact

WAICA RE has its headquarters in Freetown,Sierra Leone and holds branches in Ghana,Nigeria,Ivory Coast & Tunisia, and Subsidiaries in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

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