The vision of the company is “To develop a diversified insurance sector in the sub region providing greater reinsurance capacity with a view to widening economic and financial development of West Africa”.


Our mission is to provide reinsurance capacity through a highly motivated workforce and the use of advanced technologies to deliver unparallel service to our clients while creating value for our shareholders.

Tag Line

“Surely Reinsured”

WAICA RE Services

WAICA RE actively engages in training of our cedants in Reinsurance and the provision of technical support.

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WAICA RE Products

WAICA Re offers Life and Non-Life Treaty and Facultative reinsurance to its clients across the core classes of insurance

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WAICA RE Contact

WAICA RE has its headquarters in Freetown,Sierra Leone and holds branches in Ghana,Nigeria,Ivory Coast & Tunisia, and Subsidiaries in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

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